Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Join me on Bebo?

I would have to start from what finally convinced me to write in English. I am still shocked. In short: I created my space on bebo.com. Just to see how it looks like and to see my niece’s entry.

I always thought that thanks to blogs and social networking websites we are witnessing resurrection of reading and writing. Well, it is not quite the case. Does blogging brings renaissance of reading? Maybe. Well, yes... For sure not in its classic form. However writing is in the decomposing phase! “OMG i luv ya! lol! how u doin i c ya 2mrrow @ 3 xoxo.”

I understand that any temporary language is evolving and with cultural grow the dictionary is also growing. But what I observed is total regress of language skills. Whoever reads those kids entries can observe lack of capitol letters, carelessness with spelling, crazy abbreviations and phonetic transcription of spoken tongue. Chaos! Yet, those kids clearly don’t have a problem to understand each other. Is it the sign of creativity? Sure! But also the dusk of language as we know. I would not mind them to use this funky version of what adults are trying to push on them as a form of teenage contestation. Unfortunately my experience shows that many of them do not differentiate the casual language form the official one. Many of my students (undergraduate college students!) are using this same form of writing when e-mailing me and when writing the papers.

Am I old? Perhaps I do not adapt fast enough to the progress and trends? After all, I have trouble to read original Shakespeare!
In that case I am putting aside all my fear of using English (my second language) to express my thoughts. Who knows maybe some of my grammar mistakes will catch the attention of the new generation and become a norm?


Bloggie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful Friendship ;-)