Due in June 22

Our little girl started last trimester inside my belly. In June we will welcome the new human being on this crazy planet. Lucy Evalee is slowly becoming single most important aspect of our lives. And she is not here yet!

So many things to do, so many questions. Will I be able to take care of such a tiny girl? How she will look like? Will I manage to teach her speak Polish? I cannot wait to share with her my favorite books:-) But what if she will have trouble to learn at all?!!! Is it really true that first months are sleepless nightmare? Will she be tomboy or a little princess? How can we protect her form allergies, ADHD, autism and all more and more present diseases? Is it possible?

I know that she will be daddy’s little girl:-) Be careful daddy, if she will be anything like her mom, I foresee a lot of headaches in your life ha-ha!

We just learnt that we should enroll her on the waiting list if we would like her to be accepted to the UNI Child Development Center next year!


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