Tuesday, October 9, 2007

David Pogue Extravaganza

I just saw the Keynote of David Pogue at ITEC Conference (Iowa Technology Education Connection). Delightful! Guy is brilliant! He started the presentation by saying “Ich bin Iowaner” (remember president Kennedy’s gaffe?). The whole thing from the beginning to the end was the display of knowledge, eloquence, geekeizm (Is that a word?), good humor, talent and just plain fun.

Few new things I learned from the show:
- popularitydialer.com – set the time, date and phone number and they will call you (way to get out from the boring meeting or blind date gone bad). Wait, there is more! You can select the voice that will carry with you conversation (boss, kid, woman…).
- grandcentral.com – The new way to use the phone brought to you by Google (newest purchase of the giant). You can record all your messages, have the transcript of them, set up the number that will ring ALL your phones (office, home, cell). Check that out!
- Google Cellular 46645 –free directory assistance on your cell. Sent the text message to google at 46645 (GOOGL) ask for movies, business address, restaurants, conversion, maps, zip codes, translations…. You name it, and Google will send you info within 5 seconds from your SMS. Example? Let’s say I feel like eat seafood. I will send SMS lobster50791 (fictional zip code) and they will send me back the list of restaurants in my area I can eat lobster! http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/mobile/sms/

Who is David Pogue? David Pogue is the weekly personal-technology columnist for the New York Times and tech correspondent for CBS News. You may know his name from the series of books “..for Dummies” or “The Missing Manual “ series. Check out www.davidpogue.com