Saturday, November 24, 2007


Check that out! New, completely free and easy to use web based video conferencing! Just go to , name your room and tell your friends to join you there at certain time. Camera and headphone mic are helpful but not absolutely necessary.

I am not sure how many people can be in this same room at one time but the most I saw was 16 people talking over each other, waving, holding signs, making silly faces and customized sign language. Fun, fun, fun!

The only downside is that you are talking over each other and you almost would have to use someone as a moderator to be able effectively communicate. But as I describe above, human kind is innovative! As long as we can see each other, MeBeam is a cool tool to shrink even more the physical space and to be with your friends.

I am hoping that we can connect over Christmas with my brother in Ireland and dad in Poland. Do you care to join us?