Election Fever

Today we saw Joe Biden. He was presenting in the Irish Pub in Waterloo. I really like him. Hi is smart, his is experienced and he has great presence. He looks like old fashion movie star. You may think that it is shallow to judge the person by his or her looks, but I think that presence is important if you are representing the whole nation on the international arena. I am still Hillary’s girl but Biden is right next to her. Honestly, I am a little bias by having a dream of woman president. Biden seems to be more experienced, but Hillary was also around for a long time and knows politics from both: stage and a kitchen side.

Yesterday we went to listen Bill Clinton and I was absolutely impressed by this guy! What a speaker! I wish I had such ability to hypnotize the crowd. I am totally buying this “buy one get one free” idea. Vote for Hillary and you will have perfect first gentlemen!


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