ED in '08

Just came back from one of the "Distinguished Lecture Series" at UNI, where former governor of Colorado Roy Romer was making case for stronger education in the US.
Romer is a speaker for Strong American School's ED in '08 Campaign, a nonpartisan campaign promoting sound education policies for all Americans. See the Romer's blog "Roy's blog on schools"

Here are some notes from the presentation:
  • When comparing US elementary students' proficiency in math and language with the other 35 developed countries US in both cases is on the far, lower end of the chart.
  • Lowering the standards to make students successful is not the way to create educated generation
  • A strong America depends on strong schools
  • Aim high, analyze what works in the countries from the top of the chart (Finland, South Korea, Singapore)
  • Let's get our expectations correct - students ARE able to reach higher standards. Did you ever see the teenager playing a video game? The skills and ambitions are there we just need to appeal to them.
  • In South Korea only top 5-7% are in the privileged group that gets admitted to the elementary teachers' college. It is more difficult tho get admitted there than to the law school.
  • In Singapore - students are getting payed regular salary once they are admitted to the College of Education!
  • We could improve our education by increasing the quality of instructions in the schools, and by being more restrictive who gets admitted to the College of Ed.
  • We need to elevate a Profession of Teaching
  • As Educators we have to find in ourselves the way to live on the cutting edge of curiosity.
  • Technology can help us to level between our skills and what is needed to be efficient educator.
  • It is never to late for education. Remember about late bloomers!


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