Wednesday, October 22, 2008


ITEC conference is over and now I need more time to organize fresh info and play with all the cool apps...

First day was somehow disappointing. Besides the keynotes speaker, Hall Davidson, the presentations were not so good , or I was not able to get in to more interesting ones due to limited space.

Everything was overshadowed by luck of reliable internet access. It was a nightmare for presenters and annoyances for the quite geeky audience. Thank goodness that I had Internet during my entire presentation. I had quite a lot web based examples and all data from my students' survey was on Google docs. Without the Internet it would be a disaster!
The Second day was MUCH better and the Keynote speaker Allan November was just great!

We had set-up UNI IT exhibit booth to advertise our division and new Instructional Technology Facilitator Certificate. Robin set up Twitter account for the ITEC conference. We were projecting the life twitts from conference attendees on the screen in our display wall. It was pretty impressive thing (while internet was working), and I see that people are still using this account today to exchange thoughts .

This is how my presentation was described in the catalog
"Cyber Citizenry - Are you on board? A look at 14-25 year olds’ involvement in cyberspace. Discuss dilemmas of ignoring vs. guiding vs. policing their online presence. Examine challenges and opportunities of Cyber Citizenry. Students are growing up online. It’s your choice to participate in their development!"
Apparently pretty catchy description because I presented to a over-flowing room :-) I had good audience and quite a lot of discussion and exchange of ideas. Thanks to all participants!

On the picture, Rob during his "Using Flock to Streamline Web 2.0" presentation.

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