Monday, January 26, 2009

Vision of the president. How else to spice up the future?

I wonder what vision of future president will be created in Sci-fi movies to come. In the past, to better differentiate the future form the present status quo, some filmmakers envisioned the president of USA as a black man. (Tommy Lister in The Fifth Element (1997) -image below; Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact (1998); Denis Haysbert in 24 (2001-2006)).
But seeing powerful black person no longer surprises anyone. We actually have black president, elected by great majority of US citizens; We watched enigmatic captain Morpheus being able to raise above The Matrix and devote his life to saving human kind (Laurence Fishburne, The Matrix, 1999 -image below). We even watched Morgan Freeman as GOD! (Bruce Almighty (2003)).
So the question is what next? How else add spice to the vision of the future?
Female president? Nah, we were very close to electing Hillary Clinton for president and we had a chance admiring Geena Davis as a female president in Commander and Chief (2005 - image below). There is nothing shocking about women in power.
President of USA giving his very first formal television interview to Arab TV network? Well, it just happened.
How about Mr. President and… first gentlemen? A gay couple, exemplary citizens with adopted children? That would be something! Message: In the future world we will be tolerant enough or enlighten enough to see past the sexual preferences!Can you think about different, more surprising option?
Image above: Putin and Bush at Asia Pacific Economic summit in Hanoi, Vietnam (AP)

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  1. Good observations, Magda. How can we startle the public anymore? Used to be that we could startle our parents by having long hair. Now the older generation was the generation that popularized long hair for men. Now people are startling the public with tatoos and piercings.

    Perhaps the next president of Sci-Fi needs to be a tatoo-ed, pierced Austrian fellow.