Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reality has become a commodity

I just stumble upon one of the older "Words" from ingenious Stephen Colbert . Stephen has a long history of making fun of Wikipedia, he even created spoof version of Wikipedia, Wikiality., the Truthiness Encyclopedia. The new place to be on The Internets. Unlike Wikipedia, entries here are judged on their truthiness; if it feels right it's probably truthy.
One more time Colbert in his twisted way is reminding us that we have to be critical consumers and don't believe everything that is pushed upon us via mass-media. Use your brain people! But enough from me, just listen to the master :-)

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The Word - Wikilobbying
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BTW: There is still no definition of wikilobbying in the Wikipedia, but the term found it's place in the Urban Dictionary

O, and there is no Colbert proposed Wikipedia entry under Reality :-(


  1. Hey, I heard that elephant populations in Africa have tripled in recent years!

  2. Thanks to great involvement of Dr.Colbert :-)

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