Thursday, June 25, 2009

New girl, new challenge, new joy!

My great friends just become the parents. Their beautiful and so much awaited daughter was born on June 19 after almost 24 hours of labor. She is absolutely adorable! (6 lbs 9 oz (2990 grams) and 19.5 inches (50cm)). The C-section saved her all the blotchiness from squishing and pulling related to the traditional delivery.

The only wrinkle in the whole event is that she was born with a Down syndrome.

The news was delivered to the parents at the birth and in a split second turned their world up side down. Initially we were all shocked and felt sorry for them, but as the hours went by, and we learned that girl’s heart is healthy, and that besides a little jaundice all seem to be good, everything started to look in better colors. There are worse things in the world that are happening to parents and to children. When my daughter was born with the clubfeet I was crying my eyes out. Then we went to the Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Clinic in Iowa City and we saw all the kids with variety of disabilities much, MUCH worse than treatable condition of Lucy’s feet. We saw kids in the full body casts, kids permanently unable to walk, incapable of lifting their head up, or without limbs. That put our “tragedy” in to the right perspective.

People with Down syndrome are able to fully function and participate in the social life. Kids are growing and reaching all the stages of cuteness and annoyance just like any other kids are. They are able to attend regular school, have friends, hobbies, work, contribute to the society… well you got a picture.

How about all the dreams for the girl, the lofty bright future that her parents were planning during the pregnancy?
The great Janusz Korczak once said :
"Feelings that have no outlet become daydreams. And daydreams become the internal script of life. If we knew how to interpret them, we would find they come true. But not always in the way we expect."
Not too long ago I was reading in interesting article about overachieving parents. The basic idea was that parents should “let it go”. Kids are not here to make their parents look good. Their job is to be happy and to grow in to themselves. I also stumbled upon a nice quote by Hodding Carter, Jr.
"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings".
Welcome to this world little girl. Be healthy and be happy. And with parents like yours, with all your family and friends, I am certain that your roots will be strong and your wings will spread wide. Oh, and remember, you will always have an aunt to support you. Just clap your hands… or dial the number :-)

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