Thursday, December 17, 2009

Comics like life

I enjoy reading PHD comics (Piled Higher and Deeper a grad student comic strip). Despite the fact that I am not a graduate student anymore it is still so very close to my life. Especially the last couple comic strips were right on target:
Here is the first one from the Dec 2. Let me explain...It is white and pretty outside, we are thinking about Christmas and all the fun that comes with that time of the year. But It is also the finals week, I am buried under the grading, my reviews on contradict each other, and all the grading is on the computer.
Well, let me show you how I feel these days...

OK, maybe it is not that bad. True, I don't have the windows in my office but thanks to the google reader, Facebook , Nasza Klasa, Twitter and other social networks I can peek what is going on in the world and with my friends. Plus, I do love my MacBook and today I started to see the light on the end of the grading tunnel :-)

The second comic strip (Dec 14) is even more self explanatory since my parents, family and some of my best friends live in Europe ...

I love Skype! I think that I may mentioned it in my previous posts :-)

Have a great holidays everyone!