Monday, March 29, 2010

MeBeam girls - not here :-(

About three years ago I blog about exciting new video conferencing/social network system MeBeam. Since then MeBeam with it's ease of use and full anonymity gained great popularity among people interested in looking for sexual content and "adult" meetings.

It is fascinating to observe how many people accidentally landing on my blog post while searching for MeBeam girls, adult rooms, or porn :-) I found it strangely addicting watching it on FEEDJIT Live - the real time traffic feed for blogs.

Mebeam rooms are used to fulfill users’ needs. Whether it is need for entertainment, escapism, hedonistic pleasure, aesthetic enjoyment, emotional release, sexual arousal or social interaction it seems to be an important part of human needs.

Reflection: When it comes to sex the world has no boundaries... I will take that over the war

Check that out: