Friday, May 7, 2010

Steve Jobs i Bill Gates

Ktos mi niedawno przeslal to w masowym mailu. Za oknem deszcz i znaczne ochlodzenie a do tego koniec semestru i dziesiatki prac do ocenienia. Zatem mail jak ten poprawil mi humor i dal mi pretekst zeby na chwilke oderwac sie od projetow. Nie znam zrodla orginalu ale ryzykuje i zamieszczam, a autor niech sie zglosi po laury :-)

PS. Ja chce iPad!


  1. Wish I could read this. This is what Google thinks you wrote in the opening paragraph: "Someone just recently sent a mass in the mail. Outside the window the rain and significant cooling and to this end of the semester, and dozens of work to assess. Thus, improved the mail as tem my mood and gave me an excuse to order a minute away from ooderwac projetow. Do not know the source but the originals and put a risk, and the author let them raise the awards :-)"

  2. Well, let's just say that google translator needs some improvement :-)

  3. Or as Google would say it:
    Google tłumacz musi pewną poprawę