Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is the Web Dead ?!

The newest issue of Wired magazine (September 2010) proclaimed on the cover page that the World Wide Web is Dead!

Intrigued and ready to disagree I hurried to read the article (the only paper magazine I still subscribe to) and… well… I had to agree with the authors. To some extend. With the smart phones and many cool apps popping every day going to the static web is becoming obsolete. But we are still using dynamic websites!
In the article “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet” Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff explain that we are abandoning the Web for “simpler and sleeker services”.

I quickly analyzed my yesterday on the grid:

Tuesday morning:
-Video-conference with parents in Poland (Skype app)
-Check Mail (mail app.)
-Quick check of the Facebook and NaszaKlasa (polish SN service)- both web based, and off to school
-At work we are using the Web for our classes, all fused with eLearning- Blackboard course management system and class Blog
-Afternoon, in my office jumped to my google reader to browse through the fresh RSS feeds
-Quick look at the tweets updates on Tweetie app
-Music background from iTunes
-Constant checking of the mail and keeping an eye on FB, and tweets is just a second nature;
-At home short break from the net to read a paper copy (!) of Wired
-Skype-to-phone call to my friend in NYC
-At night we were watching DVR recorded Rachel Maddow show and Colbert report (our 3 years old is hijacking the TV before her bed time),
and off to bed
-to read a little bit on my Kindle before switching to the Morpheus world.

Realization: As much as I am relying on the internet access throughout my entire day, I really don't use that much web. However I am still blogging and maintaining my daughter website and I don't think that it will go away any time soon. So as much as authors of the article made few valid observations related to the Internet trends, I also think that they exaggerate a bit by pronouncing the dead of the web.

PS. Now the Web needs to go on to Larry King to denounce its dead. Just like Bill Cosby did :-)