Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Visual essence of Obama and Romney acceptance speeches

The RNC and DNC are over, the base feels energized, the swing voters are still swinging:-)

It is time to have fun and look at the words in politics again!  This time let's take a look at  Mitt Romney's acceptance speech for the republican presidential nomination during the Republican National Convention (Tampa, FL ,August 27-30);  and Barack Obama's acceptance during Democratic National Convention (Charlotte, NC September 4-6).

Below are candidates' speeches narrowed down to the 10 most used words and visualized in Wordle. Appropriately, on the left Mr. Obama on the right Mr. Romney. The size of the word grows with the frequency of the word used in a speech. So for example, one can immediately notice that word "America" was used in Mr. Romney's speech far more often than any other word, while  President Obama's use of words was little more balanced with "New" and "America" being in a lead.
2012 Presidential Candidates acceptance speeches in 10 words (Left- Obama, Right- Romney)

Here are the speeches narrowed down to 5 words:
2012 Presidential Candidates acceptance speeches in 5 words (Left- Obama, Right- Romney)

Can you guess whose speech is narrowed down to five words and visualized in the next word cloud?

How about this one?

Do you still need the hint?
First speech was a weird conversation with... an empty chair,  and the second delivered by the best public speaker in Politics ever! :-)  Hmm.. base on the most frequently used words, which speaker stayed more focus on the message?

Full transcript resources:

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