Friday, October 19, 2012

eBay - New logo and Functionality to keep up with trends

On September 13, After 17 years ebay decided to change its logo (and website) to more contemporary look. The announcement came with the list of other significant changes  that will help eBay be stronger on mobile devices and enhance the convenient any-time, any-place shopping.

Old logo

New logo

Devin Wenig,  President of eBay wrote:
Today we begin to introduce a series of significant new features and enhancements for our customers. We’re delivering a cleaner, contemporary look and feel; a more intuitive, convenient way to browse, decide and buy – both globally and locally; and a new personal way to curate your own shopping experience and discover items perfect for you. (More of the letter here).
mobile app

The new logo looks cleaner but also more generic. It keeps the color scheme almost unchanged and the letters are still touching one another but no longer overlapping. The Helvetica font makes it much like any other store front sign around the world. Is that what Wenig meant to achieve? Logo universal enough to look Ok in any culture? After all, according to eBay's October'2012 statistics, there are 105 Million active users in 190 countries!  In my opinion it looks clean and contemporary but it lost its unique characteristic :-(

Microsoft also modernized its logo. Here is an article poking fun of the changes
What if Microsoft's new logo style was applied to other famous brands?

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  1. I like the old logo much better as well. that one seemed to be a smarter design.