Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines day!

Sure, sure Valentine’s Day is the ultimate Hallmark Holiday but still, I  wish you all  happy and sweet V-day!  

But love is all around not only on Valetnines day! According to Gallup poll, on a typical day, about 70 percent of people worldwide reported a love-filled day (81% in the U.S.) Check out more about Valentine’s Day and the Economics of Love 

Too busy or too broke to celebrate?
Enter the code SWEET online or at a Redbox kiosk for a free one-night DVD rental, on February 14 only. 

But if you are not in the mood, single or simply against the innocent celebration of the Amore (like the crazy conservatives in Pakistan)

Here is Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist prepared by MTV

And 6 Book Stories To Soothe Your Soul prepared by NPR