Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer, rainy day arts and crafts for kiddos

It is raining again and Lucy is bored out of her mind. Her two BFFs are busy, and twins are moody. All her coloring books and art activities seem to be not exciting anymore at the moment and a dress-up party works the best with friends:-(  She already watched couple shows on TV and iPad needs to be charged. What to do?

Last time we saved the day with the heart shaped paper punch and block of scrapbooking paper. It gave us two weeks of great mess and entertainment. Well worth it! I am still not sure what's more fun - punching the hearts or making the artwork.

We also played with recycled toiled paper roles. Octopus was the favorite among our young visiting artists.

Lucy was complaining that there is nothing to do so I asked her what she would like to do... That gave ma an idea of the Summer Bucket List!  It worked! She was occupied and I learned few new things about her. Soon her friend came and they are both had fun exchanging the ideas. Please no more rainy days! Well, just one with the grand finale - Lucy wants to see a rainbow :-)

Here it is a printable format if you would like to use with your kiddos (click image to download enlarged version):

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