Shelfari and Goodreads

Thanks to my colleague's blog I discovered Shelfari, pretty neat social cataloging website for books. I already use Goodreads  and overall I think I like it more. But Shelfari is by Amazon and has nice option of importing books from the Amazon purchase history. Couple of clicks and voilà! My bookshelves were filled and I had a nice opportunity to look back at all the books I have purchased from Amazon over the last few years.  I also like the little widget that allowed me to embed the bookshelf below (here you can learn how to do it a few easy steps).

The plus of the Goodreads (also recently purchased by Amazon) is that it shows more statistic, seem to be more user friendly, and more of my friends already use it (I run the search and none of my 336 Facebook "friends" has Shelfari account, compare to 23 friends on Goodreads) hence the social aspect is more useful.

 I love my books. Good reads needs to be shared, and discussed. I belong to my neighborhood book club that meets once a month, but there are so many other books! There are so many ones from the past, the ones I would love to read one day, the ones I would love my friends to read, the ones for my kids, and books that I have never heard of. Now, I can discover them thanks to social rating and cataloging.


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