My 7th #Twitterversary !

Yesterday I received this cute e-card from twitter. It's been seven years already
 Here is my very first tweet :-)

You can find yours, and others at: 

My favorite first tweet is by one of my role models Madeleine Albright @madeline
Since my first tweet I grew as a professional and I learn a lot from my twitter PLN. I had a lot of fun following interesting people, places and events.  

In 2009 I posted to the tweet challenge by David Pogue @Pogue
  "What is the best bumper sticker you've ever seen?" 
my answer in >140 characters was 
"LIBRARIANS: The original search engine"
My tweet was selected to his book "The World According to Twitter
and I received autographed copy! 

I use twitter mostly to share interesting resources and info with my students (#unietd #ctele) or as a Backchannel during the lectures #unietd. I like learn from others.
I love using twitter as a "second screen" during #Oscars #goldenglobes and other #redcarpet events.
I find twitter especially useful during the conferences like  #i11i #itec #edcampiowa.
My favorite quote about twitter is the one provided by @rgalloway 
"So, what people need to realize is that innovative technologies like Twitter are really what you make them to be. Imaginative people will always be able to use simple tools to accomplish great things."
I think that sums it up. Happy Tweeting!

PS. Here is my profile as of today. I didn't try yet the new profile. From what I saw on other users pages it looks like crossover between Google plus and Facebook.
April 23, 2014


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