Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween AND good All Saint's Day

 As usually Google did a great job putting their halloween Google logos galore:

They even offer you a help to get into the Halloween spirit by "Halloweenify" your google plus profile photo:

Tomorrow is All Saints' day(All Hallows day, or lately just All Dead day). That holiday we celebrate in Poland, and most Western Christian countries. That one is much more reflective, sad day in which we remember all the people that are gone. We visit the graves bring flowers, and light the candles for their souls. Prior to that day many organizations taking on themselves to clean up the graves of those whose families are lost, or unknown, such as fallen soldiers of World Wars and old historical cemeteries.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I am looking at the NMC Horizon Report Europe 2014 Schools Edition

The New Media Consortium Horizon Report Europe 2014 Schools Edition is out!
The report describes the trends, technologies and challenges for European schools over the next five years. Although the report was issues for Europe there are many similarities with trends and challenges in the States. I am not sure if it is the fact that I am from Europe or is is simply better visualized but I found the HR European edition easier to read.

The trends from fastest to long range:
  • Growing Ubiquity of Social Media
  • Rethinking the Roles of Teacher (as a result of ICT- Information and Communication Technology)
  • Increasing Focus on Open Educational Resources
  • Increasing Use of Hybrid Learning Designs (emphasis on P2P collaboration at school and online resources to extend learning to home - flipped classroom? ) 
  • Evolution of Online Learning (rich media, more interactive features, better-defined outcomes. Increased consideration of how both students and teachers are impacted)
  • Rise of Data-Driven Learning and Assessment - (data for personalizing the learning experience, for ongoing formative assessment of learning, and for performance measurement)

Challenges in order from easily solvable to more elusive

  • Integrating ICT in Teacher Education - Well, we can help with that: Become EdTech minor or pursue MA in IT  people! :-)
  • Students’ Low Digital Competence (kids are lacking critical skills how to analyze and evaluate the authenticity of the increasing amount of messages they encounter everyday).
  • Blending of Formal and Non-Formal Learning (attention toward self-directed, curiosity-based learning that can happen in non-traditional, non-formal educational environments).
  • Creating Authentic Learning Opportunities (Use of learning scenarios that incorporate real life experiences, technology, and tools that are already familiar to students, and seek interactions from community)
  • Complex Thinking and Communication -  which bring to my mind Siemens and Downes theory of connectivism
  • Students as Co-Designers of Learning - the role of the teacher is shifting to being more of a mentor and advisor in the learning journey.
  • The US version also had  listed  Increased Privacy Concerns; Competition from alternative schools, especially those with online programs.

Here is a wiki that was put for european schools to discuss the trend

UNI IT - helping with an integration of ITC in Teacher Ed since the beginning of its existence :-)