Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Bucket list - 2014 revisit

I think it is either the omnipresent spirit of the holidays, or  the fact that Pitbull will be on tour near me that made me think about my bucket list:

I consider myself VERY lucky. I traveled, I am educated, I have a job I like, I have a great hubby and beautiful, smart, and healthy kiddos. I have my big dining table and many opportunities to host my friends and family around it.  So part of me is a little ashamed that I am making "list of more". But given that we only have one life, why not squeeze from it as much as we can? My bucket list is my dreams and goals. Not what I need, but just what I would love to experience/see/acquire before I kick the bucket.  I noticed as I was revisiting my dreams and goals that some of them changed.  For example "Visiting Paris" became  "Show kids Paris from the Eiffel tower",  or I added "Walk with Lucy on a Great Wall of China" because she raised an interest in doing so.  I am not quite ready to remove  Madonna's and Blondie's concerts. I think Tokyo, TED conference, and live long enough to spoil my grandkids are my front-runners.

My list is not well organized or prioritized it just a fun reminder that you never should say "I am done! "
  • Listen to a good music in Havana, Cuba  
  • Visit Alaska
  • See the Stonehenge in England
  • Experience Tokyo with Rob
  • Walk with Lucy on a Great Wall of China
  • Put a little free library in front of my house
  • Show kids Paris from the Eiffel tower
  • Eat Crabs in Main
  • Eat again sourdough bread and seafood at San Francisco’s Fisherman's Wharf
  • Visit Olympic Peninsula
  • See the Presepolis in Iran
  • See the old city of Jerusalem
  • Visit New Orleans (We did that in 2012 on our 10th wedding anniversary! )
  • Take kids on an African safari
  • Visit Kremlin
  • See original Kiss by Klimt
  • See the Les Miserable  on Broadway
  • See Mama Mia on Broadway
  • Visit the Salvador Dali Museum is an art museum in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • See Blondie on stage
  • See Madonna in Concert
  • Attend Pitbull Concert (Rob gave me a ticket for Christmas! I am going to see Pitbull on Feb 21, 2015!)
  • Become sustainable member of NPR and IPR 
  • Become a Google certified Teacher
  • Become a Google Certified Education Trainer (as a teacher of EdTech&Design, I kind of am, but not certified)
  • Know at least a little about every marvel listed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List 
  • Doctorate
  • Read all Terry Pratchett
  • Buy RV camper 
  • See the performance at Sydney Opera House
  • Fly for a date with Rob to Hawaii
  • Visit Every Continent!
  • Visit Salvador Dali Museum in in Catalonia, Spain.
  • Send my girls to college
  • Learn to ski (started this winter  2014. We went a few times to Sundown and put together the ski sets for the whole family. It is a good start)
  • Learn to swim
  • Own a piano
  • Learn to play piano 
  • Learn to play guitar
  • Ride on a horse in some scenic location
  • Participate in a carnival in Rio
  • Have my brother visiting me in the US
  • To have my parents visiting me here again 
  • Tour CNN 
  • Be in a live audience during Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show
  • Be in a live audience during  Colbert Report (too late)
  • Organize my attic
  • Attend TED conference
  • Spoil rotten my grandchildren  :-)

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