Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Google updates logo again

This time the change includes a sign and also a "G" . 
On a the Google official blog they announce
"We’re bidding adieu to the little blue “g” icon and replacing it with a four-color “G” that matches the logo."

I wrote about previous change here
Here is a revolution of the Logo by google

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Last show with Jon Stewart - #JonVoyage

1999 - 2015  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his daily impact on our culture come to an end.  I am pretty sure we will hear from him soon. Activists, whistleblowers,  and creative beings like him cannot stay quiet too long, not in a crazy pre-election world! It would be cool to see him as Trevor Noah's  special guest or even correspondent. Speaking of correspondents. I wonder if Trevor will keep them. My favorites are Jessica Williams and Jason Jones.

Here are a few comments from social media

Monday, April 6, 2015


I just discovered the Bloglovin - which looks like Feedly met Pinterest but as name suggests is an aggregator designed for organization and discovery of the blogs. 

According to Wikipedia it is a Swedish company released in 2007 that, as of April 2014, reaches over16 million global users monthly! And here I thought for a while that I am an early adopter ;-)
It seems to be designed for blogs related to beauty, crafts, fashion, food and more everyday life related topics. But I can see it useful as a educational tool. 

Here's how our EdTech&Design RWLD's blog looks in Bloglovin:

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Exorcist . Brilliant Ad!

This is older but still awesome ad. Try to guess what it is about. I bet you can't. No cheating!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

History of Information Design

Here is an eye candy slideshare from Jess3, creative agency that specializes in data visualization.
I love the simplicity. Less is truly more in here. Slide 14 was kind of a "duh!" moment. I knew that! But I never put that in my head in a single "slide".

Monday, February 2, 2015

Zaśpijmy Dzisiaj

 Zaśpijmy dzisiaj – będzie fajnie.
Zaśpijmy specjalnie. Udajmy
gorączkę, udajmy malarię.
Olejmy awizo, zignorujmy
dzwonki, grajmy zaginionych,
tylko troszkę martwych.
Zaśpijmy zupełnie –
dzień dniem bez nas zróbmy.
Bez nas się obejdą
te ważne spotkania, te straszne wypadki.
Zaśpijmy dzisiaj, nie mówmy już nic
—Fleszmob by  Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało-nic dodac nic ujac