Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Jak myśl sprzed lat,
Jak wspomnień ślad
Wraca dziś Pamięć
o tych, których nie ma...
~Krzysztof Klenczon -Biały Krzyż

As the thought of years ago,
as the memories of the track
returns today the memory
of those that are not ...

All Saints' and All Souls Day in Poland

Polish cemetery
Polish cemetery at night with many candles

Thursday, March 10, 2016

An Hour of Code

I finally got my hour of code certificate!

an hour of code certificate

I procrastinated it for a while, even though my own kids started to play with a coding some time ago. And guess what? It was super easy. I have no idea while I was demonizing it for so long.  I had to finally do it because I wanted my C-TELE (Creating Technology Enhanced Learning Environment) students to complete it as well.

Lucy's school uses activities. At home she played with Cargo-Bot  last year but she got discouraged when it got more difficult.  Lilian went through The Code Studio activities for little kids and she loves The Foos
Vivian prefers Toca Builders, which is more in the flavor of a Mindcraft for preschoolers

Here are my awesome C-TELE students and their certificates <3 nbsp="" p="">

CTELE students with their certificates

Monday, February 15, 2016

Information Literacy - resources for a workshop

meme: one does not simply save cancer by pressing like button
meme by imgflip

Information literacy is more than possessing information. Information literacy is the ability "to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information." (ACRL, 2000)

Resources for the activities during the presentation: or text keyword to 22333

Scrutinize the websites below. Can you find an argument to support or discredit the legitimacy of your website? How can you prove it? Can you see the purpose behind the website? Could you use it in your classroom?

Exhibit A: Save the Octopus!

Exhibit B: Vaccination Gateway to Drugs 

Exhibit C: A Kid in Need

Exhibit D: MLK Homework

Exhibit E: Save a Buck 

Exhibit F: Zombie Attack?

Exhibit G: Black People Love Us

You may use steps from the Internet Detective website the Detective Work section and Stephen Downe's Principles for Evaluating Websites  (resources below)

What kid of practical steps can you and your students take to critically evaluate information found on the Internet?
Big 6 and Super3  models of how people should solve an information strategies. Super 3 is a simplified model for the youngest students.  Here is a handout (developed by two educators, Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz)

Additional resources:

ISTE Standards for students connection:  Standard # 3:Research and Information Fluency:
Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.
ISTE  Standards for teachers connection:  2 d. Model and facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research and learning

Siemens and Downes theory of connectivism: -Reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation - Get the truth about rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, hoaxes, scams, humorous tales, pleas for help, urban legends, prayer requests, calls to action, and other forwarded emails. - dedicated to" debunking email hoaxes, thwarting Internet scammers, combating spam, and educating web users about email and Internet security issues" - collaborative resource for  documented information about the corporations, industries, and people trying to influence public policy and public opinion - collection of domain name ownership records in the world (also look -  a research based multimedia tutorial that teaches effective web research skills to both educators and students

EDUCASE article  Information Literacy: A neglected Core Competency 
Dulcinea Media - A student friendly suit of search engines and web resources
Proclamation by president Barack Obama (2009) establishing October as National Information Literacy Awareness Month.
headstone: died from not forwarding that email to ten people

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Snicker of Magic and Twitter

Check this out!
Lucy and I are reading a Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd for her Battle of the Books and the Reading Challenge. We both LOVE the book so much that I started following an author on Twitter.
Lucy and Magda reading book

I sent her a tweet with the picture of us reading and... Ms. Lloyd responded!   She thanked us and then tweeted that she loves our picture “times infinity”. She also reposted it with her memories added:

Clipping of tweet by Natalie Lloyd

Natalie Lloyd twitted: @maggda I love this picture times infinity

How Awesome is that !? Lucy was beyond happy.  We rarely think that authors of our favorite books may not only be still among us but also are happy to connect with their fans. How cool would it be if teachers in Lucy's classes connect with the other authors?  Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, L.M.Montgomery, R Kipling, E.B. White, Beatrix Potter, Dr. Seuss, Laura Ingalls Wilder, H.C Andersen are fantastic but they are all dead!   How empowering for the young people to see that regular, contemporary people can also become the famous authors?

I also follow on Twitter
J.K. Rowling - Author of the Harry Potter
John Green -Author of “The Fault in Our Stars”
Peter Reynolds the author and illustrator of famous "The Dot" and illustrator of Judy Moody series.
Mo Willems' Pigeon  feed
Dana Claire the author of comic Phoebe and Her Unicorn
and much more
Look up your favorite authors! Some of them have also a digital presence on Facebook (Eric Carle, Shel Silverstein, Markus Zusak, Gillian Flynn... )
Remember, if the authors wish to remain private they would not have open public accounts on social media! Connect with them, and if you are a teacher, connect your students with them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bucket list - revisited again

August 2017:  Time to revisit my bucket list. I created first post in  2014  and I revisited it in 2016. It is time for updates

I was able to check a couple of items on my list, but not too much. I was able to fulfill my other big dream though, that was not a part of my bucket list:  1. We purchased a beautiful house with a large yard and a trampoline -which made my kiddos very happy :-) 2. Lucy (10) is an avid book reader and now I am able to actually enjoy some her books (A Snicker of Magic, Connect the Stars, Phoebe and Her Unicorn)  and she reads my recommendations (She just finished first two Harry Potters)

The list is not in order. I think Tokyo, TED conference, and live long enough to spoil my grandkids are still my front-runners. I am adding visiting Scotland my husband, and my children roots 
  • Listen to a good music in Havana, Cuba  - with the opening of the US Embassy in Cuba in July 2015 it just becomes more real!  Update: I watched Anthony Bourdain show about Cuba and I am somehow disappointed with how  run down everything looks there this days. Did I romanticized it too much?
  • Experience Tokyo with Rob
  • Walk with Lucy on a Great Wall of China
  • Show kids Paris from the Eiffel tower
  • Put a little free library in front of my house -  COMING SOON! My friend Justin agree to build it for me for a reasonable cost
  • Eat Crabs in Main
  • Visit Alaska
  • See the Stonehenge in England
  • Eat again sourdough bread and seafood at San Francisco’s Fisherman's Wharf
  • Visit Olympic Peninsula
  • See the Persepolis in Iran
  • See the old city of Jerusalem
  • Visit New Orleans (We did that in 2012 on our 10th wedding anniversary! )
  • Take kids on an African safari
  • Visit Kremlin
  • See original Kiss by Klimt
  • See the Les Miserable on Broadway
  • See Mama Mia on Broadway
  • Visit the Salvador Dali Museum is an art museum in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • See Blondie on stage
  • See Madonna in Concert
  • Attend Pitbull Concert (Rob gave me a ticket for Christmas! I went to see Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias on Feb 21, 2015! I went with my nieces Emily and Elyse. We had VIP tickets and had a blast dancing right next to the stage)
  • Become sustainable member of NPR and IPR - done
  • Become a Google certified Teacher
  • Become a Google Certified Education Trainer (as a teacher of EdTech&Design, I kind of am, but not certified)
  • Know at least a little about every marvel listed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List 
  • Finish Doctorate
  • Read all Terry Pratchett
  • Buy an  RV camper 
  • See the performance at Sydney Opera House
  • Fly for a date with Rob to Hawaii
  • Visit Every Continent!
  • Visit Salvador Dali Museum in in Catalonia, Spain.
  • Send my girls to college
  • Learn to ski (started winter  2014-2015. We went a few times to Sundown and put together the ski sets for the whole family. It is a good start. We could not continue this past winter because we were planning to purchase the new home)
  • Learn to swim
  • Own a piano
  • Learn to play piano :-)
  • Learn to play guitar - I am not sure if I learn it, but Lucy started her guitar lessons in Spring 2017!
  • Ride on a horse in some scenic location
  • Participate in a carnival in Rio I do not have to worry about ZIKA virus!
  • Have my brother visiting me in the US
  • Visit my brother in Ireland
  • To have my parents visiting me here again - My mom will come in May for 3 months and my dad will join us for a few weeks! 
  • Tour CNN -I did that partially past summer (2015)! We went to Atlanta and visit the CNN building built, but our destination point was to tour the set of The Walking Dead so we did not have time for the CNN tour
  • Be in a live audience during Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show (too late)
  • Be in a live audience during  Colbert Report (too late, but there is still a Late Show option)
  • Organize my attic - Ha! That got solved with the move to the new home. I finally opened the old trunk that I purchased with the house. It was full of old linen and a sailor uniform.  I need to take it to The Grout museum- perhaps they will find it valuable to them. 
  • Attend TED conference
  • Spoil rotten my grandchildren  :-)
  • Visit Scotland