Unicorn Crossing!

Lucy and I are the huge fans of Phoebe and Her Unicorn series.  It is originated from a daily web comic strip on GoComics by cartoonist Dana Simpson, but we discovered in a form of a book a few years about and it became our daughter -mother thing :-) We read it together aloud she reads Phoebe and I am Marigold :-)

It just happened  Last week that the newest book (#5) came out and  Lucy was rewarded at her school with the trip to Barnes and Noble and her choice of one book (yes, her school does that! ).  Can you guess what was her choice?

Lucy, me and Unicorn Crossing book

What a treat! It is funny, geeky, and perfect for a smart 9 year old girl, and her mom :-) I love my little girl and her enthusiasm for reading <3

I shared the picture and thank the author via Twitter, and she retweeted our post:

twitter clipping- author of the book retweeted our post

Lucy was thrilled. It is good to know that person that writes "our book" is real and we can thank her. It makes a possibility to be an author some day more real too.


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