End of a semester word to my #unietd students

Hi all,

collage of EdTech and Design students in Magda Galloway class
You are done with the Educational Technology and Design course. Congratulations! It was not an easy task, and I am full of respect for you. Soon you will all have your own classrooms and hopefully, you will see the value of the hard work you put into this course

Looking back
  • You had an opportunity to think about current technology trends; 21st-century teaching and learning; connectivity; visual, information, and media literacies
  • You analyzed the audience and designed for them a multidisciplinary unit of instructions based on the Iowa Core standards,  in 1-to-1 learning environment
  • You grew your PLN (feel free to use the "got PLN?" badge. Add it to your blogger sidebar. You earned it!)
  • You  left the positive digital footprint by engaging in social media as a professional 
  • You created a website to host there a collaborative, inquiry-oriented, multidisciplinary activity that provides students with the complex task and a guided internet search (WebQuest).
  • You put yourself in your students' shoes and walked trough an experience of creating a digital video from script, storyboard, peer revision, through the gathering or creating the digital resources, to editing the audio and video and publishing ready video to the worldwide audience.
  • You challenged yourself to learn the new apps and you geek out by AppSmashing them to create a student center interactive learning tool.
  • You are pretty much a pro in Google apps
  • You know how to video conference via Zoom or how to have dynamic asynchronous video conversations around documents in VoiceThread
  • You know ups and downs of a collaboration, teamwork,  AND
  • You gained new colleagues! 
Quite an accomplishment!

I would like you to remember five acronyms/phrases from the course that will add to your professional language and guide your future:
  1. TPACK - http://tpack.org/ Ahh the good ole TPACK model. Our balancing act between Technology, Pedagogy and Content knowledge.  Let it be your guide when selecting methods, content, and tools for your instructions. Always aim for the "sweet spot", which is an intersection of the three. 
  2. 4Cs, or Super Skills for 21st century - Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity - everything in your class should somehow support the development of at least one of them. Otherwise, it is just a bunch of busy work. 
  3. CARP - this one is related to how you design all the wonderful resources for your students, and also how you can teach them the principals of visual design to be educated creators. The acronym stands for Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, and Proximity and it was explained in detail in our Visual literacy lecture. If you feel like you need more visual literacy skills please join me in a Fall for my Understanding Visual Literacy course (INSTTECH 4138)
  4. Transformative Learning approach - This model was created by UNI professors and is quickly becoming a hit around the country. Look at the text in each petal of the transformative learning flower. Can you align it with what we did in this class? Can you envision your own class and teaching aligned with this model? I hope you do
  5. ISTE Standards for Students and Teachers - take them to your heart, adopt their language.  The first ones emphasize the skills and qualities we want for students, to engage and thrive in a connected, digital world. The second set defines the new skills and pedagogical insights educators need to teach, work and learn in the digital age. Keep checking if you are on a right track.
You professional digital footprint and your PLN should grow beyond this course. You are the new generation of educators and you will teach kids to be ready to face the global culture, where the critical thinking, flexibility, ability to collaborate, create and think outside of the box is a must. Do not let your students down.

Good luck to you and thank you for the class.

As an inspirational cherry on top I would like to leave you with this short but great talk by Rita Pierson, because it is true that Every Kid Needs a Champion:

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Magda Galloway


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